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September 11, 2001 Ground Zero \ 2,606 people were killed at the World Trade Center; 60 passengers & 5 hijackers on United Flight 175; 87 passengers and 5 hijackers on American Flight 11.

9/11/2001 ~ Never Forget!! The Ash, Dust, Debris, and Devastation Left When The North and South Towers Collapsed.

It is more important then ever that we do not EVER forget what happened and who did it to us. Was shocked to see a Video done by Hannity show tonight talking to College students who did not know about what happene on 9-11-2001?...and did not know what is happening now and who ISIS is???? oh my word.... what are we coming to??

Australian model caught distracted during a photo shoot when the first plane hit tower one. What an epic photo.

September 11 - photo from New Jersey. The statue & the burning tower make an interesting contrast.

9/11 - NEVER FORGET (If the smoke plume were some kind of fluffy plant in a vase, this would be amazing, instead of deadly & heart-stopping.)

9/11. never forgotten. 12 years later and i still remember that awful day in 3rd grade.

go to to see more like this + fun ways to make your own. Original caption: "Dear Photograph, I was astounded, but I hadn't time to consider what I was seeing." - Mark Yokoyama. #dearphotograph #september11

cross at ground zero || Remember that cross was part of one of two tall buildings until they became intimately acquainted with the Islamic religion, and thousands of people were "sacrificed."

Pinner wrote, "The worst sound ever... I can never forget it..." Indeed. I can only imagine.

9/11 Cross. We will never ever forget those lives lost in this outrageous act of fanatical Islamic terrorism.

Never forget. I always loved my dad's patriotism. I thought I understood it. On 9/11/01 I felt patriotism as deeply as he did, and I knew I really understood it then, from the depths of my heart like him. I love you dad, I love America, and all who serve and did serve to protect my freedom.