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You know strength training builds strength and muscle size - but does an intense resistance workout also improve your cardiovascular system?

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3 Interval Training Mistakes Most People Make. Interval training gives you better results in 20 minutes than you’ll get from an hour of steady-state cardio. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the full benefits. Here are three interval training mistakes many people make.

It takes months of training to build strength and lean body mass, but what about maintaining the gains once you've achieved them?

New athletes especially can use interval training to gain fitness efficiently and quickly.

What Is Training Specificity and How Does It Affect Your Workout. What is training specificity and how does it impact your workout? Find out how understanding the principle of training specificity can help you reach your fitness goals more quickly.

XTrain's Burn Sets – Could it Be the Most Versatile Strength Training Workout on DVD?