New york

new york

HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R. GILL! .......... R. GILL IS A NEW YEAR'S BABY..............R. GILL PERFORMED AT THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING WITH A 16 PIECE ORCHESTRA...........The Empire State Building rises majestically from the heart of Manhattan. The building's 86th floor observatory, 1,050 feet above the street, has dazzled visitors since 1931......New York City..R. GILL performed on Broadway NYC..Times Square NYC, New Year's

Intersection (NYC) | by Navid Baraty

New York City / Central Park....aerial photo

new york



Empire State #NYCLove

Radio City Music City

New York New York

X take me to New York!


Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

concrete jungle where dreams are made up of

New York.

New york city

"Greetings from New York City"... from a collection of vintage large letter, linen postcards from the 1930s and 1940s.

Love, Midtown, New York City, NY by Thomas R. Stegelmann, via Flickr