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The abandoned Château Rouge was built in 1889 and closed in 2009 for financial reasons. Located in the Wolloon Region, Province of Liege, Belgium - photo by Timothy G. ..rh

Steamboat Gothic rounded wraparound porch. 213 Mill Rearick porch details The new owner has a family member working on the house and just in time as well. Ornate balustrade and posts show severe deterioration but are not too far gone to save. Some elbow grease, wood epoxy filler, follwed by painting and everything can be returned to former glory.

"Fire Place, Henrietta Street" © Simon Brown (Photographer). Image from the book "Romantic Irish Homes," a Collection of Photographs. Part of collaboration between Simon and author Robert O’Byrne. Prints available at link. ... Give credit where due.

Abandoned & beautiful fairy tale house in Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia. This type of architecture is fairly common in Russia & the surrounding area.

Dr. Oliver Bronson’s House, an important 
America architecture located in Hudson, NY, displays a faded grandeur behind its layers of peeling paint and wallpaper ((