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  • Keri Michutka

    Manhattan Sunset and the Chrysler Building

  • Madison Loehmann

    Manhattanhenge Sunset And The Chrysler Building Photograph by Vivienne Gucwa - Manhattanhenge Sunset And The Chrysler Building Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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NYC. The Daring Angle . From the 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, looking at Trump Tower on Wall Street. // Flickr: by Tony Shi

Little Italy NY building by rawmeyn, via Flickr

Chrysler Building, Manhattan, New York City, pinned by Ton van der Veer

Rainbows and Sunsets by 1982Chris911 (Thank you 1.250.000 Times), via Flickr

New York Skyscrapers centered by Chrysler Building - my fav building in NYC.

New York ~~ When you tell JW's to "start spreading the news"...they are pleased to oblige. We loved having our conventions there and loved seeing all the sights in NYC. A beautiful city.

"Do skyscrapers ever grow tired/ Of holding themselves up high?/ Do they ever shiver on frosty nights/ With their tops against the sky?/ Do they feel lonely sometimes,/ Because they have grown so tall?/ Do they ever wish they could lay right down/ And never get up at all?" poetess: Rachel Field.

NYC. Manhattan buildings look like turning their weapons against the ominous sky

“Manhattanhenge”, the semi-annual occurrence where the setting sun aligns perfectly with east/west streets!

This goes under Art Appreciation because I think I already have an NYC pic under Places I've Been, and I'd rather this serve as an ode to Mr. Warhol and his million hour movies :)