positive reinforcement notes: give when student does a great job with participating/contributing in class {use sticky notes?}

Printable bracelets with a positive note for parents. FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers

Positive notes

Great supplemental packet for the Clip Chart in my class! Behavior Management Supplement Packet for Clip Chart

This poster and sticker set for classroom management will aid young children in making positive choices. This will empower students to make good d...

I need to send more positive notes home and this FREE download makes it easy!

Punch Cards for Homework / Behavior Reinforcement / Rewards ***FREEBIE***

Good choices

positive notes to go home - printables!

FREE. Open a positive line of communication with parents from Day 1. Have parents fill out this simple note at Meet the Teacher night so you can learn about their child before the year even begins.

Say this not that for school... #anchorchart

what respect looks like and sounds like

behavior chart

Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work.

Simply Sprout: Keep all of your student information at your fingertips. Just print the 5X7 image below onto card stock (right click and save the image and insert into a word document, place 2 per page and print) TEACHER TIP: I like to laminate cards, hole punch and attach onto a metal ring. You can keep student information at your fingertips throughout the year. Perfect for emergencies, field trips or quick contact information. Just hang on a hook by your phone in your room.

Class stationary! Give each kid a post-it to draw their portrait and then make copies. This would be perfect for sending home notes or class updates to parents! Soooooo cute!


classroom collective • behavior monitoring

behavior chart

clip chart behavior chart... I like it with magnets!