That would make my day in so many ways ;)

hahhahaha this is SO FUNNY


Haha all the time!

every time

I totally do this.


I, on the other hand, become rapturous with desire. Luckily, I am like a baby without object permanence, so if the much-coveted object is out of sight long enough without me ordering it, I very often forget that it exists and that only it can fulfill me and make my life complete. Lol.

Anyone else do this?

Tricky isn't it, one may be left to wonder how many great friendships are missed waiting for someone to begin the relationship... On the other hand once they know you are interested silence can be an answer too.

It's true. Be grateful you have straight hair. Once hair is messed up, it is shower or pony tail.


Too funny!!

i actually don't mind when people text me to call them, but this was pretty funny: Funny Minions Quotes, Minions Humor Hilarious, Minions Funny Humor, Minions Quotes Hilarious, Minions Funny Quotes, Pet Peeve, Funny Minion Quotes Hilarious, Minion Quo

Too funny

Just sayin'

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