$417, Your own headdress, designed by all those British Lakota people.

if i had the time!

Agatha in Southwestern Vintage Tapestry

"red indian" Way to be so vintage-y and racist!

Headdress, Feathered Frocks, Headpieces, Feathers

Headband/Hatband // Double strand feathers and organic hemp, tribal, hippie, boho, bohemian, native american. $56.00, via Etsy.

Native American Headdress

this could be simple to make...

How to make an indian headdress @Alli Rense Derks

click picture to read "but why can't i wear a hipster headdress?

Im just all about it.

yet another sexualized perception of Natives.

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

DIY Feather Throw Blanket using potato stamp

Celebrities, they are just as racist as us!

Not cute.

Bright boot socks with frill