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I do it all the time!!

I do it all the time!!

LOL – Doesn’t take long to get that ‘lived in’ look again!

Funny Clean House Joke - "Yesterday I cleaned my house, which is dumb because we still live here.

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Just saw 3 people jogging outside & it inspired me to get up & close the blinds.Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics


Just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing his part of the chores around here.


I always have at least one mystery bruise. You have to poke it to see how much it hurts.you'd think you'd remember something that hurt that bad!

One can only hope!

I really laughed out loud on this one! This skinny girl just told me she "forgets" to eat? I just licked her face in case it's contagious ~ Joke All You Can

Wow. I actually don't like this song but it's just relatable af. I guess that's why I don't like it

My life is just like Rihanna's new song. Work, work, work, and the rest of it, I can't really understand.

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funny quote based on how i react when toast pops out, i will never look cool walking away from an explosion. so me


Beer before liquor, never sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead. Haha thus the reason I rarely drink orange juice I about died!