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I love this so much.

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I Survived 2016 | Tee

2016 was a difficult year, for many and for most. 2016 may actually go down as one of the worst years in this new millennium but don't let that get you down welcome the new year of 2017 with this funny 2016 survivor shirt! Show off that you made it out of 2016 alive and that you're a survivor!

Women need more sleep than men because fighting the patriarchy is exhausting! :D #ChristianFeminist

I had a chuckle when Moriarty brushed his shoulders off and said "Westwood" and wondered how many got the fashion reference.

Freak the$#! ¥!*£....out!! Then casually walk up to them and say hi :)

Ooooo GOOD LORD!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL F.......!!! REI IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!! XD now i can never see him the same way....