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Kilgore, Texas...oil boom..I think it's beautiful! Brings back smiles of childhood when going there.

These lighted derricks are located in Kilgore, Texas in what is called the "World's Richest Acre."

Kilgore, Texas - Oil Derrick Other than the Rangerettes, this is the symbol that represents Kilgore. (The Texas Eiffel Tower!)

Two coaches that disagreed with one of their student’s sexual orientation (lesbian) decided to take matters into their own hands by informing her parents that she was a lesbian. She sued and won $77,000. Do you agree with that decision?

An excellent shot taken by Brice Lucas...check him out!! :

Texas Kilgore Rangerettes: Known for their high kicks and high glamour, the Rangerettes introduced the idea of the football halftime show to the world in 1940.

World's Richest Acre- Kilgore Texas

World's Richest Acre at Christmas- Kilgore Texas

~ TEXAS Neon Sign from the Texas movie theatre formerly owned by Howard at the Texas Historical Museum ~`