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    SEDEVERIA Hybrid HARRY BUTTERFIELD "Mule Tail" Easily grown (in full light and adequate moisture with perfect drainage) large "Burro Tail" with tightly packed pearl-toned leaves completely covering the cascading succulent stems. Considered a hybrid between sedum morganianum and echeveria. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry. (goblet)

    Echeveria 'Rainbow Sunset'

    Perfect Idea for that worn out wheel barrel. A Beautiful fairy garden home...maybe Tinkerbell lives here.

    Rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia dodrentalis

    Sedeveria letizia - I have a bunch of these in my pots, they get quite leggy.

    How to Make a Succulent Garden, trendy but beautiful and easily sustainable!

    Burro's Tail Sedum

    Sedeveria 'Silver Star'


    Echeveria 'Black Prince'

    Sedeveria “Blue” may be S. “Blue Mist” or S. “Blue Giant” but I don’t know for sure, so we have named it S. “Blue” to cover all our bases. And pretty bases they are!

    Succulent edging, Echeveria elegans

    Echeveria raindrops

    Echeveria lauii

    We all know how easy it’s to maintain life in succulents. That is what make them so perfect for indoor and if it possible outdoor gardens. There are so many kinds of succulents that you can create really beautiful compositions in harmonious colors. Besides a lot of things can be used as containers and fillers so it’s very easy to make your small or big succulent garden cool and unique

    tips and tricks on how to keep your succulents alive!

    Euphorbia atropurpurea

    Sedeveria 'Jet Beads'. Dark chocolate tips on the leaves. Succulents.

    Dudleya pulverulenta

    Sedeveria cv. 'Yellow Humbert'

    Echeveria Agavoides cristate