Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth - Blue Marble 2012

This is the highest resolution image of Earth ever made, 121 megapixels. That’s an amazing 0.62 miles per pixel. It was taken by Russia’s latest weather satellite, the Electro-L, which is orbiting Earth on a geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the equator, sending photographs of the entire planet every 30 minutes.

°Earth ~ NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Earth from space Beautiful!


earth and moon

Earth from The Moon, by NASA.

Last week, NASA released its 2012 version of the famous “Blue Marble” image. By using a planet-pointing satellite, Suomi NPP, the space agency created an extremely high-resolution photograph of our watery world

A Gorgeous Photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy Over Devils Tower in Wyoming.

The Earth from space

Night side of Earth

Just hanging out and relaxing...

our earth..

Neat little animation of our solar system in action…I love space :)

Antarctica / via @Bianca Prince

Moon and earth from space

Isle Cartel ‘A Lover’s Dream’ ~ I move fearlessly into a crystal blue night through the mountain’s misty air as I head toward the universe along surreal and distant shores. Father Moon shows me the way from high above. Spectacular Shining Stars adorn this new and glorious morn. that I adore. Sun for the day and Moon for the night directs me. I see now that all will be right. It is a good night as I forge bravely and trustingly ahead. I am bathed in moonbeams and bright starlight ~

full-view photo of earth