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The only person Draco ever confessed the true extent of how much he'd wanted Harry to be his friend to was Astoria. She tried and tried to get him to make an attempt at becoming Harry's friend, especially after discovering that the Potters had a son that was Scorpuis's age. But Draco always resisted, telling her that he didn't deserve Harry's friendship after all that he'd done.

Monty Python Deadpool by Zoltan Reindl

nyan pie n nyanpool by Toon-Orochi.devia... on @deviantART

deadpool loves pinkie pie.

X-Men by Marko Djurdjevic #Redesign #Mutants

Darth Vader


"Free Tacos?! This Looks Like A Job For..."

travisconleycaughron: How can you hate Deadpool I mean really

Wait... these are purses?! I want one!

Star Wars Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite iPhone 4 by FineArtDesigns, $16.95--For when I get a better phone

Coolest phone cover ever…


Tmnt evolution

How I Feel Whenever I Talk About Anime. The correct answers are Fma Soul eater one piece and fairy tail :D (cant only choose one Favorit anime)

HAH, the noobs a level 4 so he doesn't have any armor. Lol.

Never has there been a weapon more epic, or totally inconvenient.

Tony stark and Bruce Wayne should be friends. They never will be cause their egos are the size of a planet, but I love them so much

I want this game!! I'm just going to sell my soul


why is this cartoon cuple cute and make me want to cuddle lol :p

Couples; EW photo shoot. Ted and the Mother! I can't wait for season 9!

Okay, whoever thought Ron was USELESS, I totally disagree with you every which way.