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    • Brianna

      Awesome I play violin so much fun :)

    • Betty Soto-Soria

      The world’s largest violin, which is 4.28 meters tall, 1.45 meters wide, and weighs over 100 kilograms, was made by twelve luthiers in Markneukirchen, Germany. -lbk-

    • Angie Pullen

      40 Guinness World Records 2012 (Part 3) | Most Beautiful Pages

    • Krishna 💀

      The World`s Biggest Violin

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    Date trees

    "Life, uh, finds a way" - A tree grows from a tiny crack between a split granite boulder. | Yosemite National Park | by jankertown #trees #nature #California

    How amazing is that?!


    The Cauldron Tree in Sherwood Forest, UK


    “Be still, my heart, these great trees are prayers.” — Rabindranath Tagore

    Art, colors and stuff.

    Bonsai | You may be asking yourself if this is really a bonsai. Yes, it is. Bonsai does not necessarily mean "little tree". A bonsai is basically a tree carefully trained to grow in a pot. You can have minuscule bonsai, but you can also have massive bonsai as well.

    Mount Rushmore took 14 years to finish which was started in 1927.

    An aloe tree, Stellenbosch botanical gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

    Tree-Cathedral-123 (janfufu 2013)

    The view looking up

    Octopus Tree, Oregon Coast

    Autumn tree


    Ficus tree in Spain

    trees trees trees

    Fern tree Tapanti, Orosi, Costa Rica

    The Dyerville Giant, one of the largest trees in the world. When this massive tree crashed to the ground in 1991, you could hear it for miles around. It sounded like a train wreck. ("Avenue of the Giants", Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA)

    Twisted tree at the Shiratori shrine in the town of Yoshida, Minami-Izu, Japan

    The Silver Fir at Ardkinglas dubbed the mightiest tree in Europe

    Coastal Redwood by Valentin Vassilenko

    Traveller's Tree - Ravenala madagascariensis - This species of plant from Madagascar, of the family Strelitziaceae, is not a true palm. It is closely related to the southern African genus Strelitzia and the South American genus Phenakospermum. Its fans tend to grow in a north-south line, creating a crude compass

    Laceleaf maple tree, Japanese Garden at Bloedel Reserve, Washington.