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  • Nikki Norwood-Crocker

    @Shellie Steadman we need to find out where this pool is and get you some swimming lessons girl ;)

  • Taryn Wellborn

    Help... I'm drowning... hot lifeguards please save me ;)

  • Ashley Light

    Hot boys :)

  • Brianna Farmer

    #loveisfree loving #hotlifeguards this summer! (:

  • Sabrina b

    "Help me!!!! Please I'm DROWNING!!!!" :) *jumps to my rescue; helps me out of pool* "Thanks..." *jumps back in* "HELP IM DROWNING!"

  • Jennifer Tuttle

    Been in the pool since I was 6 months old, advanced swim group in elementary and middle school, swim team in high school, and lifeguard for 7 months in Florida... yea I just forgot how to swim!!!

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