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my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Nomnomnomnom

Okay...Seriously. How much damn bigger do they need to make the eyes? And CURVES? Seriously? Ponies with more curves? I believe it's slightly "REdonkUlous".

To be fair, ponies don't usually wear clothes, so it would make sense for washing machines to not be a thing yet.

my LITTLE pony the are so little and i wanna hold one

Tied forever with Apple bloom, become best friends with Pinkie pie, start a lightsaber fight with Lyra, and my pony name is Marshmallow wisp

The Bronies List is Endless! Don't forget pony heist in the gravity falls short :)

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Why are the letters " ei" on the cat 's tail ? ( I think the cat name is ople)

My Little Pony MLP Brony Friendship is Magic Necklace by Monostash, $30.00

Derpy is the best!!!!! Except Fluttershy. Fluttershy is best pony.

Awesome MLP wigs/tails. The only thing is that I recognized some of the wigs (namely rainbows) From party city (Best place to by closet cosplay wigs) Still, Nice wigs though

Rarity\\Rainbow Dash\\Pinkie Pie\\Applejack\\Fluttershy\\Twilight Sparkle\\Trixie\\Derpy\\random pony I don't know the name of