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my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Nomnomnomnom

my LITTLE pony the are so little and i wanna hold one

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The Bronies List is Endless! Don't forget pony heist in the gravity falls short :)

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Okay...Seriously. How much damn bigger do they need to make the eyes? And CURVES? Seriously? Ponies with more curves? I believe it's slightly "REdonkUlous".

  • Karen Young Gibson

    I never had any but my girlfriends did. They had a certain sweet smell to them. Almost like candy hearts.

  • Steph Stevens

    There were some that had that smell. I forgot about that! :) I had so many of them when I was little. I wish I still did. haha

  • Angelica Catalina

    They ruined My Little Pony. I cannot stand the look of these newer ones. Ha (;

  • Brenda Arellano

    omg I used to brush my pony's hair too much that it had like 3 strands left

My Little Pony MLP Brony Friendship is Magic Necklace by Monostash, $30.00

From the same etsy shop that had the Batman "stained glass" print. She also has X-Men, Spiderman, and Sailor Moon. The full sheet is $25, but she has partial ones for less. Very cool!

Aren't these the best? Erika would love to share these colored coifs with everyone.

Derpy is the best!!!!! Except Fluttershy. Fluttershy is best pony.

Tied forever with Apple bloom, become best friends with Pinkie pie, start a lightsaber fight with Lyra, and my pony name is Marshmallow wisp

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That moment where spike is no where to be seen. I mean really, In my opinion he's more loyal than rainbow dash is. Even though he's a dragon, he's still in the show...

  • skull note

    :O OMG WHEN I SAW THIS I WAS LIKE what the heck is this AND THEN I CLICKED ON IT AND I WAS LIKE OMG THIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how clever!

Why are the letters " ei" on the cat 's tail ? ( I think the cat name is ople)