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Sob! And why I will always have dogs even though the loss is so tough

Last will and testament of a pet .totally made me cry! Remember, there are always gonna be animal shelters that are trying to find animals a good home. If a pet has truly changed your life, why couldn't another animal?

Be warned this WILL make you cry.  Absolutely beautiful story. God Bless our troops.

I cried for a long time after I finished reading this story. If you’re only going to read one thing today, read this… such a sweet story about a dog and previous owner and with a new owner. Don't know what I would do without my dogs, must read this!

Here are 19 reasons why every geek should own a dog.

Just a few reasons to own a dog. This is possibly my favorite pin of all timer tear up.

Don't know where to put this I'll put it in Beauty because the animals are

Head Pressing Is A Medical Emergency

Head Pressing – If you see your cat or dog do this, it's not trying to be cute or funny. This is called "head pressing" and is usually a sign of a critical medical condition. Go to the vet immediately.

A dog's last will and testament This dog is a lab my lab passed away and I saved a dog off the streets and then I read this and it makes me cry  I miss champ but love Meg

A dog's last will and testament. Oh my gunner was the best thing I ever did. He didn't look like much at the time but man did he ever steal my heart! Makes me sad that one day very soon I have to say goodbye.

Not just dogs feel this way. Cats, pigs #GoVegan

This Is What Your Dog Thinks About You. This Made Me Tear Up. dogs dog story pets interesting facts stories heart warming << same, I teared up too

How to keep your house clean when you have a dog - tips on cleaning pet hairs, bad dog odour and everything to keep your house squeaky clean!

How to keep your house clean when you own a dog

How to keep your house clean when you have a dog - tips on cleaning pet hairs, bad dog odour and everything to keep your house squeaky clean! I like the dog fur removal trick!

Hand signals (signing) to train deaf dogs.

Pupy Training Treats This is Rosie Gibb and Horus demonstrating sign language for deaf dogs. All of my future puppies will learn auditory and sign language! It is so sad when elderly dogs become deaf making communication difficult. - How to train a puppy? CNA Training Class  I love dogs for-the-love-of-animals

10 Dog Rules In The House haha so true! My dogs pretty much rule our house :oP

Awwwh ... it looks like my dog is usually, relaxed, playful and happy! :)

How to Read Your Dog's Body Language

Canine Body Language: the dog in the photo is a German Shepherd. Get to know your dog and pay attention to his own body language. It will be helpful when introducing him to new situations and handling them appropriately.

"Just a dog"

'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty- SO TRUE! People without animals just usually don't "get it"

Beautiful contrast

How to give a Puppy CPR infographic. The American Red Cross offers dog CPR classes.

Being a pet parent certainly comes with a lot of perks - a best friend for life, a constant snuggle buddy, and all the unconditional love and affection you can handle. Being a great dog mom or dad takes work, and it’s totally worth it.


Why not make life a little easier for you both? From showers, to meds, to combating fleas - 8 brilliant life hacks for dogs!

Funny pictures about 10 Canine Commandments. Oh, and cool pics about 10 Canine Commandments. Also, 10 Canine Commandments photos.

how to love a dog