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    I have a Time Lord now. Time Lords are cool.

    time lord insults

    It would work on me.

    I am in loooove with this!

    And if he's going to be a time lord, he also better be David Tennant!

    Merlin's Pants! ...but Professor, what's a Time Lord?


    An alternative version of that meme going around I don’t know what meme is being referred to here, nor do I want to, but yeahhh. MAJOR pet peeve of this fandom is people writing off Amy’s experiences in this episode compared to Rory’s completely different situation at the end of s5. Rory deciding to take the slow path and protect Amy in the Pandorica was heroic and awesome, yes, but he was an effectively immortal Auton at the time and had a clear exit strategy and motivation. Guard Amy until she can be revived, as penance for accidentally killing her, at which point he gets her back again. Amy, meanwhile, at this point in the episode already knows exactly what’s going to happen, having seen her older self through the glass a few weeks after she got to Two Streams. Rory and the Doctor will eventually turn up after she has spent 36 years completely alone and fighting for her life, at which point she chooses not to go with them, and so presumably will die here. She’s not an Auton or a Time Lord, she’s a human who has managed to survive against impossible odds despite knowing that there is no salvation waiting for her, so no kidding she’s angry when the time finally comes. And in the end she gives up her life so that time can be rewritten. She is amazing, and supposed Rory fans who want to knock her for stuff like this confuse me utterly. Being a Rory fan: you’re doing it wrong.

    oh yes!

    thus don't stop


    Yes. Yes I would lol

    He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe. And… He’s wonderful.


    I need this crossover in my life.


    Now I get it!

    Lovely mash-up of Doctor Who quotes centering around the Doctor's maturity...or lack thereof. Bless him

    She's so awesome.

    who could blame her?...