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I have a Time Lord now. Time Lords are cool.

oh yes!

Time Lords


And with that, we are done. time lords.....

Merlin's Pants! ...but Professor, what's a Time Lord?

Like a Time Lord.

And if he's going to be a time lord, he also better be David Tennant!

TIme Lord Party

Every time.


Time travel humor

Time Lord Lightbulb Moment

I need to steal a Time Lord, then.

Nope. Just a Time Lord.

I Stole A Time Lord

James Bond is a Time Lord.

Miss Frizzle | 12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords

Be Mine Through Space and Time.... Yes yes yes

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. Obviously.

If you look at the chairs it's the same chair. What if Jenny crash landed on the Dalek asylum and the fall caused her to regenerate? Also, since she is a Time Lord, what if she somehow figured out how to time travel? It would explain why she is with him at different times. And as for the forgetting....... Maybe she has a forget button in her ship?<--- I like this theory