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    • Terrie Gillard

      Quotes About Parents Love | Quotes about Parents: Love Your Parents

    • Misty Herrell

      love your parents quotes -

    • Marjorie Ellsworth

      So true. Miss you mom!

    • Shawn S.

      Just lost my Dad and I know the truth in this quote!

    • John Fitzpatrick

      Inspirational Quotes

    • BJ Moore

      My dad used to call me often times it seemed for no I know the reason..LOVE....I called my mother everyday to and from work...we talked for hours seemingly about nothing and never think you'll miss those calls until they stop....enjoy and embrace each call or may think you're too busy but that empty chair will never be filled again...

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    Love and miss my Dad. Heaven has an amazing Angel!

    Not Feeling Comforted During The Time of Year From September..Thanksgiving to The End Of The Year.. Every Year.....STILL..xo

    So true. Once upon a time I had this best friend... Then one day she decided she didn't want that role

    ..i would love to have this type of impact on someone..but for the true and positive reasons..not for the ignorant and negative..many want to be an inspiration..but are too blind to realize that what they exude is greed and cant be an inspiration when your mirror has too many smudges in it..think about it..

    True of all parenting, sometimes it's easy to forget. I'm not a grandparent yet but I'm sure there will be moments just like I sometimes thought in wonder goodness I sound just like my mother there will be moments I see my daughter as a Mum & think goodness she sounds just like me. So yes lets set a good example.

    If he miss you he'll call you. If he wants you he'll say it. If he cares about you he will show it. If not, he can't be worth your time.

    I love this....wish I could share it with my mom! I did write her a beautiful love letter several years before she passed. It was on her desk (right on top as though she had just read it) when we cleaned out her house. Say or write what you want others to know that is deep in your heart. Life is so short and so precious...:o) vk

    Dad's are CRUCIAL to a child's development - ESPECIALLY a girl - WAYYYY more so than a mother. Mom's - PLEASE do NOT feel threatened by this & encourage it if you want your daughters to ever be able to experience a HEALTHY LOVING relationships & it's CRUCIAL that YOU show love/respect for him - EVEN if you're no longer together!!!

    we're not friends, we're strangers with memories, friends, quotes, words