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  • Dee Braun

    Health Benefits of Espresso – A Good Mood Food | People all over the world enjoy drinking coffee. In fact, some people say they can’t function in the morning without one or more cups. Recently, because the ability to make it at home, some people have been enjoying espresso – a good mood food rather than a simple cup of ‘Joe.’ Read More of This Article Here:

  • Jamie Volner

    I love these espresso cups #coffee #espresso

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if there is one thing i know in this world, it's my coffee. and the crema on that shot of espresso looks like it's going to be sheer perfection. YUMMY!!! there really is nothing like the perfect shot. :)

:) .NOW...Fresh..Very Hot.. ♥coffee love♥ ✔Ciao Cafe .. #Ciaocafeamman..#FeelAgain...#ComeJoinus

.Thanks to my wonderful husband, this picture is a big part of my mornings. Love!

Good Morning my loving Master... Let's enjoy our Espresso Coffee it Makes Me Happy...

♥ Espresso. (I really love an Americano, which has three shots of espresso topped off with regular coffee--it's rocket fuel!)

It’s days like this that make me long for an espresso maker. I’m having such a hard time waking up.

One of the earliest designs of coffee maker was the Napier Vacuum Machine, invented in 1840.

How bad is it that I drink at least 4 lattes with 8 shots each a day? Hmm... I ♥ espresso