Tonight's episode 4x14: "You and me Caroline, we're a lot alike." "Then show me."<33 eep!!

I loved his mysterious gifts and her wacky soliloquies during this episode, it was all so Shakespearian but still so Klaroline- "Come on, take a hint, I don't like you that way- ooh, pony picture! Never mind! I shall treasure this always!

Vampire Diaries

I rewatched this part like 5 times because it was so funny! When Damon calls a bomb an exploding kitten!

lol season 5! The V̶̷a̶̷m̶̷p̶̷i̶̷r̶̷e̶̷ Doppelgänger Diaries

The Vampire . When Damon says he has more then enough Dappelganers with elena, Katherine, Stefan, Silas, and the girl that silas loves.


Klaroline A king only bows down to his queen.probs my most fave ship of all time