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  • Kendra Bantz

    beautiful butterfly wings

  • Sandra Martin

    butterfly wings look like stained glass windows

  • Jacqui Monger

    Angel silhouette

  • Debbie Schultz

    Butterfly Angel, her wings remind me of stained glass, beautiful!

  • Sara Ortez

    Beautiful butterfly fairy wings

  • Miranda Campbell

    Wings for Fairy Doll

  • Ryan Sorel

    "A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live?" "hmmm, Then I shall have to make you wings." -Ever After: A Cinderella Story


    Hi! I'm Maggie-May, I'm an Irish hair/makeup artist with a passion for fashion, arts, people, life...I truly believe we are all limited editions so I try to find the beauty in everything and everyone. I am inspired here daily and hopefully i can inspire others along the peace and hope to everyone who reads this -xxx-

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mizisham: “ Wings that never took flight by cheryl.rose83 on Flickr. ”

fairy wings! I keep thinking about them as I plan my tutorial for CoCo 2012

Instant Download Botanical Fairy Wings Digital Collage Sheet Enchanted Fairyland Vintage Clip Art Scrap

Tiffany Glass Wings. Note the patterns in the glass pieces. They were created to give a sense of depth and texture and then used almost as paint to create the image. See the striations on the feathers? The chain mail of the skirt? The play of swirls in the bodice looks like light reflecting off of gold or bronze. Amazing.

Poor Little Dragonfly - Fernand Pelez (1843-1913)

LOUISE RICHARDSON - These could be super cute with a photo of a student with wings...

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost..." -- J.R.R. Tolkien-- Ai Dulin

tumblr_llhof4d7wO1qi4wi3o1_400.jpg 330×450 pixels

"Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives." ~ Mary Ann Brussat