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  • Hilde Van den Abbeele

    How to join yarn ends - I totally love love love this!!! Changing yarn colors and new skeins with no more weaving in the tails!

  • Tashi Frey

    Russian Join - for changing yarns when knitting, crocheting, etc.

  • Rivera Gisele

    Russian Join Tutorial - changing yarn colors and new skeins with no more weaving in the tails! Gotta learn how to do this. Weaving in ends after color changes are my LEAST favorite part of any crochet project.

  • Janelle Parker

    Join yarn or switch colors without the knot

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russian join... start a new ball of yarn without weaving in ends!

joining ends of t-shirt yarn. love this diagram. need for when i finish cutting up my old sheets

Y'know, I started with this stripe idea and decided, screw-it, I'm not taking it out. where's my orange? Well, I'll be damned if I got to the last sleeve of this thing and RAN OUT OF ORANGE! So, I finished with the stripes. I'm not about wasting yarn.

Russian Join Yarn Ends - used this technique for the first time today -- works like a charm!!

Technique: Russian join method - Easy! No weaving in ends, no knots, especially good for fine-weight yarn, & conserve yarn with very little waste. . . . . ღTrish W ~ . . . . #crochet #technique #join

This is called a russian join-must try this. I like this tutorial better than the other one I pinned.

How to Russian Join Yarn in 7 Easy Steps. I use this join most of the time as it blends so well and no ends to sew in.