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I made all my own clothes then

Knitted bathing suit - 1973. Wonderful, until it gets wet.

Antique Polaroid camera

The Fab Four on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, March 21, 1964.

Cover of 16 Magazine - the-60s Photo The Beatles

fun shot :)

Paul McCartney

In memory of talented, funny and much loved Robin Williams. This is definitely a Woman's Weekly favourite.

The Beatles, photographed by Robert Whitaker, 1965

Wax paper cups

Raise your hand if you have a Smallpox Vaccine scar on your upper arm.'re a Boomer!

bonnet hair dryers...Karen always used one

The first baby boomers will turn 65 in 2011, but is this generation truly ready to leave the workforce?

Mini Princess Promotional Phone Keys Given to Teenage Girls in the Early 1960s

Vintage Leather Peace Sign Hair Clip Holder Barrette Authentic 60s 1960s Hippie | eBay

1960 hippies we need some 21st hippies to keep the movement towards peace going!

#1960s #Mod #Makeup by Madame Soufflé

Whoa, the long hair , the "beatle" boots....the "Yeah Yeah Yeah"....I thought my parents would Flip...and it was only the beginning.

10 of the Greatest ‘Life’ Magazine Covers of All Time