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  • Suzie Gilmore

    Antique doll house

  • loulou

    MY kind of doll house! It is depicted in the painting, "The doll’s house of Petronella Oortman", c. 1710 ~ Jacob Appel (Dutch 1680-1751). Only three such 17th century Dutch dollhouses survive.

  • GG Schaefer

    Doll House, ca. 1686-1705. 17th century doll's houses were not children's toys, they were a hobby for ladies. This is one of three seventeenth-century doll's houses that have survived intact. It was commissioned by Petronella Oortman, a wealthy Amsterdam lady. Petronella probably spent between 20 and 30 thousand guilders on her doll's house. In the seventeenth century she would have been able to buy a real house along one of the canals for that price.

  • Karen Walters

    Love the idea if repurposing an old cabinet with doors for a dollhouse. The doors will keep younger siblings out and the narrow cabinet will fit better than a traditional doll house.

  • Mel

    This dollhouse in a china cabinet.

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Painting of the doll's house around 1710. The cupboard originally had curtains. The painting shows that the interior of the house has remained much the same. The main difference being that the house in the painting is inhabited by more than twenty dolls, made to scale. Only one baby doll has survived. Two of the rooms were altered slightly during the eighteenth century: there used to be a garden beyond the entrance hall, and the tapestry room was once shrouded in mourning.

doll house - pretty painted exterior!

Etsy Cardboard, papier mache, acrylic paints, glass, metal. The walls inside the house are covered with a cloth that creates the effect of wallpaper or paint. Inside the house can be held lighting - use energy-saving lamp (European standard). This creates the effect of a lamp. Sizes: 66х47х26 cm. $2500.

From Mark Wu's photostream on Flickr. The museum of miniatures in Taiwan. I want this doll's house.

English country inspired doll house by House of Artistique

This scale model doll house as shown from the open rear, shows a typical Victorian era townhouse.

how to build a dollhouse - I will never actually do this, but I can pretend I might.

I spent countless hours playing with my dollhouse that my daddy made me when I was a little girl... xo

Yea, I think I'll just make one of these. Source: The Westfries Museum by rangaku1976, via Flickr

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's dollhouse. Luckily, she is not my neighbor, so I can covet this dollhouse.