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Kitten in a sweater!!!

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cute little kitten in a knitted green and yellow striped hoodie. what's cuter than a kitten in a hoodie? absolutely nothing.

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Mira Lyn Kelly on

"Rescued Kitten In Crocheted Mushroom Costume Steals Hearts." The mushroom costume is to keep the injured kitten safe and still while she eats. I'll keep this great idea in mind the next time life decides I need to rescue a kitten.


I'm a witch! A scary Halloween witch kitty! I have ghosts and pumpkins and all that Halloween stuff. And a scary witch hat!


In New Zealand, knitters are helping penguins soaked in oil from a shipwreck. Sweaters are keeping the penguins warm & preventing them from ingesting the petroleum. I'm going to move to New Zealand and knit sweaters for penguins.

Кошачьи истории — обхохочешься!

Кошачьи истории — обхохочешься!



girafa! Essence

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

punya si asa: Maret 2015

Cute Animal Pictures are irresistible to just about anyone with a heart. If these cute animal pictures don't make you saw "awww," then you probably don't have a heart. Or maybe you're just blind because these cute animal pictures are adorable!

Mustache Dog...so cool #pitbull

Mustache Dog...so cool #pitbull


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