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You're lucky if you have one true friend, so I must be really blessed because I have a several of them

AIRPORT! That hug will last 5 minutes and we will be jumping up and down. And I will be making a loud shrill noise... And by that time, you will have forgotten where you've parked the car and thus, we will have to wander around the parking lot for hours talking and looking. Sounds good to me! ♥

Girl's Camp, camping trips over the summer with my family... LOTS of good memories. =)

I've watched every single season and every single episode.

LOVE my friends!!!!!!i know they are my friends bc even though i dont go to the same school,they treat me like i do...LUV YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Regular girls - Boys and people we think are stupid is pretty much all we talk about... My friends - The only boys we talking about are One Direction (: all the time. Haha

It's a girl thing. especially around my friendz! :P

It happens when I don't wanna talk but I still need someone there with me to understand without words.

Spending Friday night with bunch of lovely colleagues friends, playing stupid games and cracking stupid jokes. Wth is a Sarcastic penguin?

Friendship is a million little things. the little friends I do have are my sisters not by blood but by our hearts loyalty and never to far to be there when u need them. i have the best friends!