scary but it's real.

In the cage! Perspective. You can really see how big the shark is next to the cage.

"Hello". A 16 ft great white shark barely disrupts the surface as she comes up for a look around. White sharks are known to raise their heads above the surface, showing both great curiosity and amazing adaptation to light refraction above and below the surface.

Whale Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Bahamas Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic An oceanic whitetip shark and diver in the Bahamas. (From the National Geographic book Ocean Soul by Brian Skerry)

Great White


Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa


My Close Encouter with a Great White Shark! Guadalupe Island, Mexico! @Evelyn Spencer Geographic Traveller (UK)

Great White Shark breaches in South African waters


Underwater Shadow, Great White Shark, South Africa

Cage diving with great whites.

Great White Shark

I want to dive with these beauties! Great white shark diving - South Africa

Sharks among fish.

Awesome octopus photo

great white shark breach

Sweet baby Jesus that's terrifying