Kids Artists: Summer

Lovely.... no, funky cool and warm, happy suns for the first day of SPRING! Could be upper or lower elementary!

sun moon

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw an Armadillo

sun and moon

Laat iedere leerling 1 zon tekenen. Super leuk om ze daarna bij elkaar te voegen.


art lessons for little ones


Summer sun collage

Aztec Sun art project for kids


K-2, Line Fish

another idea for sun/moon painted garden stones

Warm and cool color sun, looks like stained glass

Picasso Lesson

Art Projects for Kids

Action collages designs: See how you could create ur own; using interesting color combinations following color rules (1 primary, it's compliment and analogous colors )

cubism for kids


Painted squares for background-tints and shades- maybe start with 1 inch grid paper then could do anything on top