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  • Elaine Lamkin

    Bonnie's tombstone at Crown Hill Memorial Cemetery, Dallas, TX

  • Art Clark

    Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow - Gravesite at Crown Hill Memorial Park.

  • Tina Marie

    Bonnie's poem ...Crown Hill Memorial Park. Gravesite of Bonnie Parker

  • Dee S.

    Bonnie Parker of Bonnie & Clyde Gravesite

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Bonnie Parker (1910-1934) Bank Robber. 1/2 of Bonnie And Clyde Grave Location: Crown Hill Memorial Park Dallas Texas

Western Heights Cemetery in Dallas, TX--Clyde Barrow Gravesite

Bonnie Parker*of Bonnie and Clyde fame* c.1933

This is Bonnie Parker, Before she went all Bonnie and Clyde. -

School picture of young Bonnie Elizabeth Parker circa 1925- of Bonnie and Clyde Infamy

Bonnie and Clyde holed up in a Fort Smith motor court while his sister-in-law recovered from wounds.

Bonny Parker was one of America's most famous outlaws in the 1930s, robbing banks and small businesses.

Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde wrote poems in a little bank book when she was in jail - here are Bonnie Parker's poems

Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow on Sowers Road in Irving, Texas taken by W.D. Jones with the camera they borrowed from my cousin Blanche who was married to Clyde's brother Buck. *not nicole's statement. i left it cuz it was cool*

Wanted poster for Bonnie and Clyde ~ there's that famous dress. Really, 23 is terribly, terribly young. They threw their lives away for their god: Money.