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Sven from FROZEN

Sven from Frozen

Frozen: Olaf and Sven


Sven - Frozen disney movie

Disney’s Frozen – Sven the Reindeer

Sven from Frozen GET ME THIS SHIRT!!!!

sven from FROZEN disney reindeer

Olaf and Sven from disney's frozen

i love this movie

Sven #Disney #Frozen

Frozen: Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Anna

Frozen - Kristoff and Sven

Sven from Frozen - love him

Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven - disney-frozen

If you don't have a friend that sings Disney songs with you randomly, then you need new friends. MY LIFE

Of the Southern Isles... DUH. But then Anna doesn't know anything about Kristoff except his best friend's name is Sven.

Sven from Frozen

"Get ready to jump, Sven!"

yeah why? LOL! I love Kristoff in the background, and how Olaf calls him Sven. ;)