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95 Funny Nursing eCards, Quotes, Jokes, and Memes:

Mostly the latter...hahaha!

ER humor!!!!

True Story!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

Go big or go home.

So true.

Medical Humor

Cannot stop laughing!

Pretty much. those who know me know this is about the only way i'd (accidentally) run.

On your birthday your real friends will buy you drinks. Best friends will pitch in for the tattoo.



This is terrible, but could’ve been worse

Photographing a newborn. Parenting: you're doing it right! Hahaha

John Waters Hairspray | John Waters, Hairspray: Old School Reviews

Funny Pictures – 32 Pics

True story.

The cutest timeout ever.


Of course you look good, I don't have ugly friends.....

happy nurses week :)


NY Med: The Lives of ER Nurses, Pt 2 best prank I've ever seen!