Want it!!

Edgar Allan Poe Necklace by Fable and Fury on Etsy.

This week we're not so secretly coveting Jayna's Loch Ness monster necklace. Some might say that we've got a couple headed our way in the mail!

Black vertebrae bracelet

cup of tea?

Wendy Yue Necklace

handcrafted animal totem jewelry, raven totem, black raven jewelry

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe Book Scarf - Literary Scarf | Storiarts

Deer Necklace... Brianna! I thought of you when i saw this :-)

I would love to make this!... Probably not in black. Great, another thing to make.

Peridot Steampunk Pendant miniature bonsai by singlewhitepixel, $125.00


Dragons Breath Fire Opal. You buy for me yes? I just found out I need dragon's breath fire opals. Lots. But I have to start with this one. It's been told. Yes. WERF!

Origami necklace...

The Raven poem on the scarf - Infinity scarf - Black -Text Scarf - Book - Edgar Allan Poe - Poetry - Gift

'love you more' pendant necklace

Seaweed? Fir? I dunno, it's cute.

Arctic sautoir collier signature pendentif de la par shlomitofir, $69.00

T-rex necklace!

A sprig of evergreen inside resin. A way to carry the forest with you. :: Evergreen Crystal Necklace by Heron and Lamb

Hadar Jacobson