Rorschach inkblot manicure by love Maegan

nice Rorschach inkblot nails manicure-black and white nails by .love Maegan, via Fl.

Ombre Nails Variations.   A tip to creating ombre nails without buying a lot is just mixing white and black in your nail polishes one by one and applying them with a brush. However, if you want a tone variation too, it might be best to use normal polishes. Putting white and black keeps the color all in the same tone if you know what I mean.

I love the idea of picking a hue of one color for every nail bc its simple but chic. Chances are most women have one color in their nail polish box, just in different hues. So this is a cheap and easy way to mix it up.

Learn to decorate your nails with paper! Newspaper, scrapbook paper, magazine..anything with this simple tutorial

Paint light color for base. dip finger in rubbing alcohol and press small piece of newsprint (dark ink!) on top - hold for 30 sec. clear layer for top coat.

leapord  nails

Tip to easy cheetah nails. Sharpie in your black print. Then your clear coat. - i think the sharpie would be easier than nail polish