With faith comes hope <3

The ring my fiance gave be has a Ruby stone in it, and the Ruby stone stands for Endless love. I would LOVE to have this tattoo <3

LOVE this <3 #hope #strength #Storms

Om Lotus Necklace. The delicate, intricately-detailed petals of a lotus blossom surroung the Om symbol in this pendant. ...pinned by ♥ wootandhammy.com, thoughtful jewelry.

Loves Tattos

This cute tattoo is the perfect way for a mother to show the love she has for her 3 children


faith hope and love

Dream, Hope, Love, Family, Believe, Strength Tattoo. Great tattoo but might use my kids name instead

walk by faith

I love this tattoo I may get this one when I'm old enough <3 I love how the top of the m has become a bird and is flying away

Walk By Faith

Foot tattoo done by Caitlyn Gagliano at Matt’s House Tattoos in BloNo, IL. Got it for both my love for God and my Dad who passed in 08’. Fantastic job for a girl who is only 18. So talented.

Make it hope and I love this (Hebrews 6:19) http://restministries.com/2012/08/22/anchor-of-hope/

<3 <3

"faith is with me"

<3 i love this shoulder tattoo


Faith and hope

Inhale the future, exhale the past. <3 Love this quote