Carved drop spindle

drop spindles

Spanish Peacock top whorl drop spindles

A super-clear tutorial on spinning yarn. I took a spinning class from Maggie Casey when we lived in Boulder, about 17 years ago. She's a great teacher and a skilled spinner, her enthusiasm for it infectious.

Spinning on the Drop Spindle

Tsunami Cherry drop spindle from Golding

Filigree Spindle

drop spindle

Very elegant drop spindle

drop spindle

What is roving? What does carding mean? How do you spin yarn using a drop spindle? Learn the answers in this wonderful video!

one way to add thread in tight places. Weave in tail - #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

patterned drop spindles

spinning yarn with a drop spindle

The Joy of Handspinning � Hand spinning wool into yarn with a spinning wheel or drop spindle � Parts of the Spinning Wheel

Woodland Cake Topper for your nature inspired Wedding or Shower hand drawn in ink on a beautiful slice of Juniper wood

Want to learn how to spin your own yarn, but not ready to make the investment in a spinning wheel? A drop spindle is an easy, affordable way to start!

leader on drop spindle

Turkish drop spindLe beautiful isn't it?

❤ absolutely gorgeous

Tank Top free crochet graph pattern