• Megan Andrews

    Egypt. Ancient Egypt. The one place at the TOP of my travel list.

  • viaTeresa

    EGYPT FAMILY ADVENTURE Introduce your family to the rich culture of Egypt on an expedition to Cairo, Abu Simbel, Aswân, and Luxor. Ride a camel past the Pyramids, and enjoy dinner with an Egyptian family in their home. Sail a traditional felucca, and come face-to-face with mummies as you delve into the history and mythology of ancient Egypt. Trip Highlights - Ride a camel past the Pyramids and a donkey along the west bank of the Nile. - Step back in time to the age of the pharaohs during a sound-and-light performance at Karnak. - Try your hand at pottery, engraving, or woodworking at a crafts workshop. - Encounter mummies, island temples, ancient fortresses, and colossal statues. - Enjoy dinner with an Egyptian family in their home.

  • Tin Arce-Cabrera

    Been fascinated with Egypt for as long as I can remember. Seeing the pyramids in real life was life altering. Riding a camel for the first time though was stranger than imagined. It's like balancing yourself on a balloon on stilts.

  • Paradise booking

    Paradise Holidays offers a great outbound packages to Egypt. We can arrange every aspect of your stay in Egypt - complete package tours, Nile and Lake Nasser cruises, This trip offers all great sighseeing in Cairo and Alexnadria with an over day trip to Luxor.

  • Laine Rebecca Munzberg

    before i die, bucket list, camel, dearbucketlist, desert

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