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Lincrusta Gold Effect: To achieve this effect, apply red emulsion to white acrylic primer. Apply a further base of black, wipe away on highlights whilst drying. Apply gilt cream (dry brush method.) Cream coat highlight.

Achieved by using water-based paints, apply sage green over white acrylic primer. Drag and wipe cream to highlight. Add gilt cream vertically to centre, applied with cloth. Have a go yourself with Lincrusta Italian Renaissance Wallpaper

victorian wall paper with bluebirds..idk I like it. It's pretty old fashioned maybe but pretty still

Lutson Goudlederfrom Lutson Goudleder

The Dragon

'The Dragon' (1745-1760), a “real” Rococo design. "Rococo is all about Grottos and Rocaille. Nature is slightly twisted, its sensual, unusual and fascinating, it creates an environment that helps escaping the threats of the real world." via Lutson Goudleder