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    house sparrows


    House Sparrow

    Love Birds

    Rupicola Rupicola Guianan cock-of-the-rock. | #182 冠羽甜蜜 Fall In Love!! | 65 x 60 cm Dear Flickr friends, you are very welcome to hear some of my piano composition . 冠羽畫眉.攝於 台灣 桃園縣 拉拉山 Taiwan Yuhina, taken at Lalashan, Taoyuan County, TAIWAN

    lined up

    Sparrow / Don't all talk at once....what did you say had happened? You saw the postman doing what? :) :)




    Alot of Gods colorful birds


    Great photo

    Autumn's Paint Brush- My neighbor has a gourd bird house hanging from her oak tree. Wrens are nesting there and sometimes they visit me.- LadyLuxury

    Fluffy fellow

    swan love

    Sparrow on pink hawthorn

    Egret by Greg Magee