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Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

People keep asking me about the weather in New Orleans. Its hot. And it doesn't change. All summer long, temperatures range from 85 to 95 degrees F with a ridiculous amount of humidity. It doesn't get cool at night. It stays hot. Get the picture? Luckily the fall is fast approaching an...
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Chocolate Chia Seed Puddingi - high in protein and fiber and so many different vitamins including B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. They are a good source of calcium and omega 3 fatty acids which we could all get more of. - So good for you, guilt free dessert - almost like eating all vegetables.


Best way to make a smoothie…

BLISS! | healthy quick frozen strawberry yogurt

Peanut Butter (Or Nutella!) Banana Quesadillas! Great New (And Easy!) Breakfast Idea!

Best hummus recipe - Barefoot Contessa I make this about every other week, love it! CLICK THIS PIN if you want to learn how you can EARN MONEY while surfing on Pinterest

Guacamole - the only guacamole recipe you'll ever need! LOVE it!

Healthy fats help trim the waistline quickly. A weight loss meal plan.

Homemade & Healthy Gummy Fruit Snacks: 1 cup mixed berries 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup applesauce 1/2 cup fruit juice (apple, cranberry, blueberry, whatever) 2 envelopes gelatin (1 envelope = 2 1/2 tsp)

Homemade fruit rollups - the only ingredient is fruit. Puree, spread, bake 3-4 hours at 175 and done.

Healthy Breakfast! Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe

10 Healthy Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipes

Tomatillo Salsa Verde |

dilly beans! i used to sneak into my grandma's pantry & swipe jars of these when i was little cuz i could just never get enough! I'm going to have to make these this year!

The Garden Grazer: Ultimate Greek Chopped Salad

Greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon...its like crack

The Orange Jillius Ingredients: 2/3 cup rolled oats 4 clementine oranges peeled, seeded 2 medium banana 2 cups unsweetened nondairy milk 1 cup ice crushed Instructions: In a drink mixer, blend the rolled oats on high until they have the fine texture of flour. Add clementines, banana, and nondairy milk. Blend on high for 15 seconds until smooth. Add ice for quick chilling. Serve & slurp away.

Avacado egg salad! I'm not really crazy about avacado, but I might have to try this!

Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls

Classic Cucumber

8 smoothie recipes your body will love.

Balsamic and Parmesan Roasted * One of my new all time FAVORITE veggie recipes!!!! SO yummy!!!

Clean eating pancakes. Simple! That's what clean eating is about!

50 Clean Eating Snacks // have these at the ready to avoid unhealthy choices via Skinny Ms. #prepday #snackattack #healthy

High in protein! No flour, no oil, no white sugar. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites