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10 Ways to Cook with Stout Beer

Bacon and beer carbonara, which I almost made once for a beer/food pairing. I'd skip the salad and just have more carbonara.

Craft Beer Mac & Cheese... this would be good to make with Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout or Empire No. 8!

Craft Beer Mac and Cheese

Craft Beer Mac & Cheese - while the flavored were delicious, the cheese sauce doesn't work. I will definitely make it again, but use a sauce recipe I know and love, with added shallots and beer.

Beerscotti: Chocolate Beer Biscotti, Made with Beer for Beer

Chocolate Beer Biscotti

Beerscotti: Chocolate Beer Biscotti, Made w/ beer, espresso, hazelnuts and cocoa nibs!

Stout Beer Mustard Recipe from One tomato, two tomato

Stout Beer Mustard Recipe - don't know if it can be canned, it sounds like a great gift idea too

With so many bars boasting about having 1,000 beers on tap, it’s hard to figure out what to order. This infographic breaks down the many varieties of beer!

Learn everything there is to know about the many varieties of beer with this family-tree like poster from Pop Chart Lab.

Beer Advent Calendar - 2012 list of beers

8 Wired The Big Smoke, Smoked Porter at and 45 IBU this porter is exactly what the label says.I'm personally not a huge fan but I think it would be great for making pulled pork!

Let's start by talking a little bit about steak, and how to cook it at home. Before you even start your meal, you need to know how to buy steak and what tho

Steak With Stout Beer Mushroom Sauce

Steak With Stout Beer Mushroom Sauce. For the mushrooms sauce, uses Steelhead Extra Stout by Mad River Brewing.

This quick bread had a lot of strong beery flavor and was not too sweet. Interestingly, it uses no egg and so the result is very tender and crumbly. It may be stabler if left to cool for a few hours.

Chocolate Stout Muffin Bread

Chocolate Stout Muffin Bread- website full of beer food recipes!