No Dye Easter Eggs

Everyone’s an artist when it comes to dyeing Easter eggs. This year, try something new. By using blue painter’s tape you can create richly colored eggs with bright white stripes. Add the tape to the hard-boiled eggs before placing them in the dye. Once the eggs have achieved the color you want, place them on drying rack. Once dry, remove the tape and pat yourself (and your kids) on the back for your amazing artistic skills. Get set for Easter at Kohl’s.

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Pledge Glitter Ball. Line Inside Of Ball With Pledge Then Any Colour Glitter. Then Voila!!

If you have little ones that love to hunt for eggs on Easter, why not shake it up this year? With a little imagination and creativity you can turn an ordinary hunt into a memorable day for the whole family! We have the inspiration to get you started designing your newest family tradition.

Egg coloring ideas...

Before you get started, make an egg-drying rack: Cut a 10-inch square from 1/2-inch-thick foam board. Draw a grid on the foam board using a pencil and a ruler, and insert pins where the lines of the grid intersect. Brush half an egg with craft glue, and sprinkle with glitter (it's best to use glitter in the same shade as the dyed egg to intensify the color). Place the egg on the rack, glitter side up, to dry. Repeat on the other side of the egg.

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