repeat this cycle 2x right before you shower everyday: 50 jumping jacks 5 pushups 20 sit ups 20 mountain climbers 30 second plank 7 burbees. total body.

Plank Booty

How to Lose 20 lbs of Fat in 30 Days... Without Doing Any Exercise. Not a scam. Great article on HuffPo.

Shape your body !

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Type in your current weight and your goal weight to see the difference. Good motivation!

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Alison Sweeney's Couch Workout - Got 24 minutes during your fave sitcom? Then sculpt muscles at home.

At Home Circuit Workout Another great thing to do is Repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning :) 50 jumping jacks 5 pushups 20 sit ups 20 mountain climbers 30 second plank 7 bur |

Medicine Ball Workout- just to get inspired.

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Simple Workout

Rear Raiser: Works: Butt, Lower Back, Abs, Hamstrings Start in a plank with forearms on ball, hands clasped. Slowly lift right leg as high as you can (as shown). Lower leg, then repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 12 reps. Source: Larsen & Talbert

"No crunch" Ab exercise: Twisting in a plank position fires up the core and works those love handles. Begin in a plank position holding a five-pound dumbbell in each hand, keeping your wrists stiff to protect the joints. Open your feet a little wider than hip distance. Lift your left hand to the ceiling, twisting through your entire torso. Your pelvis will rotate, but keep it level. Bring your left hand back to the floor, and repeat on other side. Source: POPSUGAR Studios

35 crunches 30 jumping jacks 30 lunges 25 squats 60 seconds running in place 50 second plank 15 jumping jacks 10 squats 10 high knees 5 push ups Repeat 3 times

Goal is to complete all these moves while in plank!