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Explore Pineapple Field, Puerto Rico, and more!

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5 Reasons to Pick Maui for Your Hawaiian Vacation

Hulaland Beach Blog: 5 Reasons to Pick Maui for Your Hawaiian Vacation, Upcountry Pineapple Tours

#Hawaiian word of da day: hala kahiki. Definition: The pineapple, probably…

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8 Canning Recipes You'll Love This Fall

8 Canning Recipes You’ll Love This Fall - Monkey Butter

Named for its resemblance to a pine cone in English, this tropical fruit was originally discovered and domesticated in South America. Now cultivated in many tropical regions throughout the world, he pineapple plant is a member of a group of plants called bromeliads, or air plants. Their modified leaves and stems catch and store water, which the plant can then use as a resource. Pineapples can weigh up to 20 pounds, but average 2-5 pounds.