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The Louve, Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

See Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece at the Louvre. Get an updated picture of you standing next to her. I have a photo of you with Mona at 15 and I need a picture of you with her at Thanks!

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Mauritshuis, The Hague

Girl with a Pearl Earring The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (Het Meisje met de Parel) is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterworks and as the name implies, uses a pearl earring for a.

There is more going on than what meets our eyes . . . Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci is 'phi' (also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean), a ratio of 1:1.618. This is found in nature and creation, and the Fibonacci sequence.

The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the "divine proportion".

Portrait of Salai - Pupil and assistant of Leonardo da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci, oil in panel 37 x 29. (1505)

Portrait of Salai (Pupil, lover and assistant of Leonardo da Vinci) Circa 1505 -- Leonardo da Vinci -- Oil in panel -- No further reference provided.

Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper - Art and the Bible (information, pictures before and after restoration, etc.)

The Last Supper, Milan, fresco on the refectory wall of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazi.

Teste di Giovinetta by Leonardo da Vinci

Teste di Giovinetta, Leonardo da Vinci - this face, this angle, he used her in several paintings - she must have been someone special 🌹

My recent "involuntary memory." Caravaggio's "The Calling of Saint-Matthew." Description of the paining from the blog: Zeitgeist  sic itur ad astra ("thus to the stars"). Click here to read: (http://duluxdreams.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/caravaggio-the-calling-of-st-matthew/)

Caravaggio – ‘The Calling of St Matthew’

Roma, San Luigi dei Francesi Church - The Calling of Saint Matthew. This is a masterpiece by Caravaggio completed in for the Contarelli Chapel in the church of the French congregation, San Luigi dei Francesi (near piazza Navona), where it remains today.