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Elizabeth I's secret locket ring with picture of her mother Anne Boleyn and herself inside.

Antique French Guilloche Enamel Locket Ring, circa 1880. The cover of the secret compartment is decorated with a diamond flower (rose-cut diamonds) on a royal blue guilloche enamel ground. This type of rings is also known as poison rings. The shoulders are finely chased with stylized flowers and foliage in Art Nouveau taste. The ring is set with a miniature glazed compartment suitable for a miniature portrait. 18 Karat greenish yellow gold.

People who don't read history books are unaware that a huge number of "cowboys" driving herds to the railheads in Kansas were Indians. And many don't know that some of "Indians" who raided the drives for beef in the the "nations" were runaway slaves and ex-slaves adopted into the tribes in the Oklahoma territory. Western movies don't tell you that.

Although throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth I never spoke publicly of her mother, upon Elizabeth's death in 1603, this ring was removed from her finger. Within its secret compartment are two miniature enamel portraits, one of Elizabeth, the other, of Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn facial reconstruction, THIS is so very fascinating. It is amazing to be able to put a face to such an infamous person in History.

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By Ruth Styles for MailOnline

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The world's most beautiful miniature books

Anne Boleyn's gold book. Anne Boleyn purportedly handed this miniature book of psalms, which contain a portrait of Henry VIII, to one of her maids of honour when on the scaffold in 1536. This precious manuscript is owned by The British Library.