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    Bailey Gilmore true

    sounds about right!!


    oh so true

    .............other people do this????

    What. The. Hell.

    and i don't know why

    Wow!! Glad someone finally put it out there! Although there are a few more I could add, such as "The emotional chaos that makes me cry at nothing, over-react to everything, think everybody is against me, try to break up with my boyfriend, give up on life, and successfully convince everyone that I am full-blown bat-shit crazy."


    All of this is so true! Tis the Cancer season.


    lol nerd humor!

    Sounds about right.

    Oh, now everything makes sense...

    And the one who doesn't laugh at all needs a new sense of humor.


    Lol, I guess that day has come. Also the "I betcha they don't reprimand their daughters". You bet your ass they do!

    yeah. that sounds about right.

    YUP! All the time. Or i just look around and assume its for other people and carry on.

    So true