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Built-in hair appliance storage- this should be in every woman's bathroom!

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custom cabinets

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pull out drawer for pants = I'm in love!

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Bathroomdesign Lemoncoin

Turn the fake drawer in your cabinet into a hair dryer/straight iron storage space.

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Neat way to hide counter top appliances

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Good use of small space. I like the simple laundry baskets storage using just the strips of wood on the wall. You would really have to have just the right sized opening though!

Better Homes and Gardensfrom Better Homes and Gardens

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Bathroom Storage. I love this idea!

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Pull out drawer for hairdryer and straightener - genius!

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

Blown Away by DIY Hair Dryer Hidden Outlet Drawer

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How to install an electrical plug in a vanity drawer for hair dryer and curling iron.

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master bathroom garden tub hidden storage

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2015

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Organizing Cleaning

26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2013

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plug in drawer instructions.

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will make life so much easier!!

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Remove the fake drawer below the sink and make it useful!

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Bathroomdesign Bathroomremodel



love the towel storage next to the shower

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Tray, cookie sheet storage idea

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Closet roll out shelving. Brilliant!

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built-in stool

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Bathroom space saver floor cabinet // stores up to 12 rolls of toilet paper and fits beside the closet - brilliant idea! #product_design

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DIY built-in recessed wall shelving.......I want to do this on the wall next to my tub, no bead board, not as much trim

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Crown Moldings

Paper towel dispenser and