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I love my kids and grandkids!!

I Love my kids.you may all be grown but you're stil my babies.

Lessons for our daughters

This goes both ways. Teach both our daughters & sons to know the difference. As well as to teach our sons to be that kind of man ! I also believe it is important to teach our daughters their role too .

Thankfully we haven't hit this point yet but we're just going into the teen years so I'm sure it's coming!

My Promise To My Children oh yes so true. I do so because you are my children. Love you both more than my own life. Some can only look from afar but I do not nor will I ever because I am your parent I am your dad.

When I look at their little faces and I'm able to focus all of my attention on then, it definitely makes me so proud.

Mother's Day idea - cute image

I started learning about the unconditional love of a child the moment Avery was born Dec. 31, 1995 and placed in my arms in the delivery room!!

There is a place in your heart you don't even know exists until you love a child ♡♡♡ So true & TGY has my whole heart for my whole life

One of the best summarizations of what it is like to become a mother...

One of the best summarizations of what it is like to become a mother.i❤️our babies! **I'd make a couple I was ready to be a mother and each of our boys were planned. Our babies were all over 8 pounds!

There's This Boy...5x7 art print (you choose your colors). $10.00, via Etsy.

There's This Boy...5x7 art print (you choose your colors)

For me it should read "There's these BOYS who stole my heart. They call me MOM" I love you Mikey, Jimmy, Jakey. The best guys I've ever known!

sin mis hijos no valdría la pena esperar el mañana y no valdría la pena recordar el ayer

Without my kids tomorrow wouldn't be worth the wait and yesterday wouldn't be worth remembering.

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My mother sent me this and it touched my heart! "A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with and love with all your heart." ~ lovely quote for a Mother-Daughter page.